• "An office likes this makes you excited to go to your dental appointments! I've always had a great experience at Mountain View Smiles. The entire staff is friendly and does a great job of making me feel comfortable. Even when I don't have cavities or infections, the hygienist and Dr. Pirouznia take the time to talk to me about other things they have noticed such as plaque in certain areas and give me tips to prevent it. If you're nervous to see a dentist during this pandemic, I can assure you this office is handling it very well with careful precautions in place. I felt very safe in great hands."
    Dena Eslambolchizadeh
  • "Great and caring dentist. They don't try to upsell things like teeth whitening etc. like some dentists do."
    Simone Styr
  • "Super friendly doctor. Spent plenty of time with me going over what I was doing right and I needed to improve on."
    Ruben Schuckit
  • "Kudos to Dr. Geeta and the staff for the outstanding job handling pandemics and keeping us safe! I was quiet comfortable with my visit and Dr Geeta was very gentle and comforting!"
    Ellie T
  • "Dr Geeta is the best doctor ever: caring, professional and amazingly knowledgeable! I always look forward to seeing her pleasant smile! The entire staff are welcoming, professional and always provide the fist class service!"
    Peymaneh Shafiei
  • "This place is a hidden gem. They are very friendly and always remember you, so it feels like you're coming in to catch up with your friends. They're also very thorough with their examinations and make sure to take their time to check your teeth, so you can just feel that you're in good hands. I have not had any fillings done here, but have already been to this place three times since moving and each time they remember everything about my teeth, for example which one is sensitive and where to avoid cleaning too hard, so you know they're taking care of you. If you're new in the area, I highly recommend you check them out!"
    Dasha Kash
  • "Friendly front desk and a very thorough doctor!"
    Sara Palmiotto
  • "Really happy with my dental makeover by Dr. Pirouznia! A more detailed review and more photos forthcoming."
    Shumyla Jan
  • "I love Dr. Geeta Pirouznia. She's a wonderful, sweet, and kind person and does a really good job. She is very gentle and professional. The entire team that works there is awesome and very friendly! I would give them 100 stars if I could and would absolutely recommend them!!!"
    jessica cherf
  • "Staff is very friendly and helpful- Mona has successfully helped me deal with insurance issues. In my experience, appointments always start promptly as scheduled. Dr. Pirouznia is excellent at explaining dental health."
    Kevin Zitelli
  • "I'm a chicken when it comes to the dentist.
    I always have been.
    That said, I have been a patient of Dr. Pirouznia's for over 10 years. She has helped me take care of a lot of issues that I have had.
    A reassuring manner, and for me always top notch care.
    Many thanks !!!!"
    Gregory Lutz
  • "Mountain View Smiles is the best! I've been coming here for about three years now and have nothing but positive things to say. Not only do they take great care of my teeth, but they are also all super knowledgeable and friendly from Dr. Pirouznia to Vicky at the front desk. They make going to the dentist a painless, easy, and enjoyable experience :)"
    Sam Peterson
  • "I always leave happy from Mountain View Smiles! Both Dr. and her staff are super friendly and personable. Teeth cleanings are never painful. Dr. is always practical when it comes to what I need for my teeth. I never feel pressured into paying for more than what's necessary.

    There have been times when the doctor has opinions on preventative care, but she makes it clear that it is just her suggestion and I don't have to feel pressured into getting stuff done if I don't want/need it.

    Scheduling appointments is always super efficient and flexible with my schedule, and I get handy text reminders the day before!

    The place itself is clean and has a nice homelike atmosphere, opposed to a cold office feel."
    Stephanie Curiel
  • "If you can make a patient excited to go to their dentist appointment, you have a true intangible skill. It takes teamwork to make this all happen and every member of this family displays a lot of pride in what they do; they're all happy to be at the office even if it's a stressful day. It starts with Vicky, Kayla, Ashley, and ends with Dr. Pirouznia. I don't know how they do it, but they're very personable and remember our latest conversations as if we're their only patients."
    Linda Nguyen
  • "My dental hygenist always gives to me tips on how to keep my teeth and gums healthy and actually takes the time to show me how to properly floss. She also tells me which areas need more attention when I am flossing and brushing. The staff are extremely friendly, helpful in getting the right appointment that fits your schedule and offer tell me when they are having specials on other services that the firm offers. I had to wait about ten minutes at my last appointment but that was extremely unusual."
    Juanita G
  • "I went for a regular clean and Dr. Gita and Dr. Shirin, the hygienist did an outstanding job."
    Dave Tillette
  • "Dr. Geeta Pirouznia knows her stuff! Pretty friendly, and watching my teeth being made was so cool! I went in as a new patient, and they were kind enough to treat me very well... I will be returning for all of my dental work... Highly recommended dentist!"
    anna roxana
  • "Dr. Geeta is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She’s patient, caring and very knowledgeable. Dr. Geeta and her staff makes me feel comfortable every time I go there."
    Anika Rosellet
  • "I have been coming here for years and I love it! Dr Pirouznia is an excellent dentist and you won't regret visiting her. Kayla is an amazing hygienist who provides a wealth of knowledge; I always seem to learn something from her. Vicky in the front desk is also a pleasure to speak with. Ashley is the doctors right hand wo-man and she is great, as well. I have nothing but positive things to say about this place."
  • "I have come to Mountain View Smiles for only a short time but I have always had great experiences. She is wonderful with my entire family. I would highly recommend Dr. Pirouznia to anyone who needs a new dentist"
    D Ford
  • "Mountain View Smiles a place of excellent dentistry and high class service! Just like many others, I always was afraid to go to a dentist, but thanks to the efficient friendly staff and Doctor Geeta, I had the most pleasant experience! I was treated like family member and was most impressed with Doctor Geeta’s knowledge and her care for her patients!"
    Arezou D
  • "Great care! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff."
    Allison Recker
  • "I have been going to her since I was a little kid and Dr. Pirouznia has been the greatest, most helpful, understanding, and informative dentist ever!"
    Kyle Fisher
  • "Not many of us enjoy dental work, but Dr. Pirouznia made my recent visit as painless as possible. I barely felt any part of the procedure.

    The time and cost estimates have always been right on target, scheduling is easy and flexible, and Dr. Pirouznia's staff is helpful and kind.

    All around a great experience, and highly recommended."
    Chad Cottle
  • "I've been coming here two years and everyone here, from Vicky (the superhero of helping me understand my insurance and making last minute appointments magically just work) to Kayla (the hygienist who made me like flossing!) to Dr. Pirouznia herself (fixed me up after I broke a tooth falling off my bike... twice (different teeth :) )), is professional, super friendly, and just really really good at their job. Cleanings, x-rays, and even a root canal have been quick and painless. They were even unjudgmental when first I came in and hadn't flossed in months :) My teeth are happy and so am I."
    Amy Zhou
  • "I have been coming here for about 2 years now and have always had a good experience. Going to the dentist is never fun but dr.pirouznia is fantastic at what she does."
    Devin Thompson
  • "Dr. Geeta Pirouznia and her staff are accommodating, kind, knowledgeable and very patient. She took out our son teeth and my husband, not only did everything go smoothly, but she was so patient throughout the process because we are nervous dental patients. I highly recommend her to anybody seeking a dentist. Thank you Dr. Geeta Pirouznia and staff for always making a nerve wracking experience better than we expected!"
    Diego sakal
  • "I visited Dr. Geeta Pirouznia for a few procedures and I was surprised at how comfortable I was. I'm a wuss when it comes to the dentist and am always a crying baby - literally. Dr. Geeta Pirouznia made me feel less anxious about the procedure, and, unlike other dentists, actually explained what he was going to do and what I should expect. My procedure was nearly painless and my tooth problems went away thereafter. I came during August and their office was so cute. The staff was courteous and was knowledgeable about my questions. When I went back for a follow up, they recognized me, knowing my name before I walk in and treating me respectfully is a big PLUS! I will definitely come back in the future for my dental needs."
    Mark ougta
  • "Mountain View Smiles Dental Office, under Dr. Geeta Pirouznia D.D.S., has continued a traditionally exceptional dental care practice at the same and ONLY location, since earliest 1990s.

    She has been educated entirely in The United States of America; from birth and all through her Doctorate license in California Board of Dentistry.

    Geeta is an icon of medical care, under the Oath of the Greek founder of Medicin; The SOCRATES.

    "That is all I have to say."

    Sean Taj
  • "As a long time, satisfied patient of Dr. Pirouznia, I am thankful she is my dentist. Her expertise, technique, and chairside manner along with a friendly, caring staff and an attractive office environment make for comfortable, enjoyable dental visits. Dr. Pirouznia provides quality dental services."
    E G
  • "Been a patient for over 20years. Dr pirouznia and her staff make my families visits enjoyable."
    Wendy Connors
  • "Going to dentist is one of those things you’d like to put off till “manana” and I don’t mean tomorrow… However when there’s a dentist like Dr. Pirouzina you simply don’t mind going! Her gentle and caring chair-side manner is so warm and comforting you forget you are at the dentist. The same can be said for her staff and Kayla, her hygienist, all are wonderful considerate people who pride themselves in their work and the service they provide you. I’ve been seeing Dr. Pirouzina for 22-years now and I really can’t imagine going to another dentist. I know it sounds weird saying this, but I actually look forward to my appointments. It’s like catching up with old friends, who actually care about you, your health and wellbeing. So if you’re the nervous type when having to go to the dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Pirouzina, her expertise and technique will put you at ease."
    Tony Perez
  • "Dr. Pirouznia is the best dentist I have seen and I have seen many dentists. She is very patient, calm and knowledgeable. There have been a few times when I was very scared and she took the time to calm me down in a very professional manner. She explains each procedure in details and answers patiently on all of my questions. No matter what she does, a filling , or any other dental works, it never hurts. I have always had complications after visiting any dentist until I found Dr. Pirouznia. At the same time her rates are very reasonable. Getting an appointment is easy. A few times I just walked in because I was in pain and she managed to fit me in his schedule.
    Parking is not an issue. Also, she has the BEST hygienist,
    I have recommended Dr Pirouznia to my friends and all them have thanked me afterwards."
    Tina Nasseri
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Pirouznia since she started her practice which has been over 20 years. Six years ago I moved into San Francisco but continue to come to Dr. Pirouznia as she has always given exceptional service and care."
    Marsha Vargas Handley
  • "My family and I have been Dr. Pirouznia’s patients for the past 18 years. I must say, we have been lucky to have her as our dentist.
    Dr. Pirouznia has taken great care of my family including my daughter since she was 3 (now 21). We absolutely trust Dr. Pirouznia’s work and advice on what needs to be done. I have never had any issues with making/changing appointments and have been seen in time when showed up for my appointments.
    Wonderful and welcoming staff at the office makes my visit a pleasure and they always take care of any issues with insurance.
    We thank Dr. Pirouzina and her team for a wonderful job they have been doing and highly recommend Dr. Pirouzina to anyone
    Ali Vahedi and the family"
    Ali Vahedi
  • "I have been going to Dr. Pirouznia for 17 years...even though I now live in SF. I tried switching to a closer dentist and I was never as comfortable, and they always tried to sell me something (EVERY visit) that I wasn't convinced I needed. I have never had that experience with Dr. Pirouznia, thus it's worth the long drive twice a year for me!"
    Heather Armstrong
  • "I've been with Geeta for 20 years! Best dentist!"
    Sam Liang
  • "Great dentist, Great staff. Could not be happier I found this office!"
    Jeff Berridge
  • "I came for a check-up and cleaning. They did a competent job. The office runs smoothly."
    Verified Patient
  • "Excellent work & staff."
    Verified Patient
  • "Kayla cleaned my teeth and as usual she was very thorough. Also, I always enjoy visiting with everyone in the office. Every one is so friendly!"
    Verified Patient
  • "I have been very pleased with the care provided by this up to date, and well-run dental office. The dentist and staff are super skilled, professional, and friendly."
    Verified Patient
  • "Professional service, good people, warm atmosphere. I love it!"
    Verified Patient
  • "Dr. Pirouznia and her staff provide excellent patient care and treatment. From the time one enters the office until the completion of the visit, there is a sense of professionalism, friendliness, and caring. Dental care and treatment is patient focused and competent. Procedures are done in a very clean environment with the most up to date equipment. Everything is done to give the patient the best service possible. This type of care/service has been consistent since Dr. Pirouznia started her practice in this office."
    C. M. (Verified Patient)
  • "Their name depicts what they perform, big smile on your face. They’re experienced & skillful on every step of your dental work. You’ll be glad to visit this office."
    Verified Patient
  • "The best staff! They explain everything and always take my schedule into account."
    Verified Patient
  • "Thank you all so much for getting me into your office quickly and helping me resolve my teeth issues from constantly clenching and grinding my teeth from excessive stress."
    L. B. (Verified Patient)
  • "A group of great, nice, Friendly staff, who always make me laugh although I have been afraid of dentists since I was a little kid."
    L. J. (Verified Patient)
  • "Staff is warm, welcoming and extremely helpful."
    A. K. (Verified Patient)
  • "An incredible dental work and staff, beyond all the works I had done other places. I highly recommend them for dental work. Merry Christmas."
    Verified Patient
    M. C. (Verified Patient)
  • "Vicky has been an excellent point of contact and intermediary between me and the insurance company! She went above and beyond to help me figure out the right way to handle getting my new retainers, and we eventually got the insurance to pay for part of them!"
    A. A. (Verified Patient)
  • "Very accommodating, thank you!"
    K. W. (Verified Patient)
  • "I am so glad I chose Dr. Geeta of Mountain View Smiles for my Dentist. Her office staff is professional and so caring. She is great with a difficult small mouthed patient (me). Thank you."
    C. M. (Verified Patient)
  • "Friendly team who treats their patients like family. No words can describe how hard they work at making me feel comfortable at every visit. Highly recommended!!"
    Verified Patient

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